How to increase productivity?

 We often see people seeking ways to increase productivity. Productivity is very important when it comes to working efficiently nowadays. Productivity is truly essential since we all have the same number of hours in the day. So you definitely have to be more productive to achieve all the tasks you scheduled today.

This is where the pomodoro technique comes to help. This pomodoro timer helps you achieve your task by following the rules of the pomodoro technique. Working for many little and regular timestamps as possible will allow you to save a little more time for your day, and increase your productivity.

Imagine you finish a task in 25 minutes instead of the usual one hour you take to do it. You will instantly feel happy because your productivity has increased. Productivity makes you feel better and rewards you internally so that you can keep working efficiently to get another internal reward. Usually, people take one hour to finish a task they can do in 25 minutes, simply because they are disturbed or distracted.

You have to use tools that increase productivity today and start working smartly. This approach called the pomodoro technique has been proved to increase productivity. Work better and work more efficiently by following the simple rules of the pomodoro technique. It is worth noting that the Pomodoro technique was created in the 80s by an Italian called Francesco Cirililo (pomodoro means tomatoes in Italian). He wondered how he could increase productivity more efficiently. He tried several approaches and stopped on this awesome method that will be famously called the pomodoro technique.

How to increase productivity?
You have to follow these simple rules if you want to increase productivity using the pomodoro techniques:
- Divide your work into a 25-minutes work session called pomodoro
- Take a break for 5 minutes and relax after each pomodoro
- Take a long break of 10 minutes after 1 pomodoro, 1 break and 1 pomodoro
- Do not use your phone or any apparatus that may distract you during the pomodoro
- Do not work during the breaks
To increase productivity, you can use this pomodoro technique every day or now and then. It may be hard to slice your works into 25 minutes task at the beginning, but it gets really easy when you will be used to it. You will feel that your productivity has increased and you are able to finish the tasks more efficiently.
What I do before I start working is to take a pencil and note all the tasks I have to do during the day. Then, I divide them into small subtasks that I can achieve in 25 minutes. Once I’m satisfied, I close everything, all my laptop tabs that do not help to increase productivity (Facebook, Twitter), turn off the tv and put the phone aside with the notifications disabled. I start the pomodoro timer and once the timer is started, I concentrate on the work. Remember we want to increase productivity. Therefore you have to follow these rules religiously, especially during the pomodoros. Focus on the task until the timer rings. Once the bell rings and you stop working, you can take five minutes break. You can stand up, talk to people, take your phone, go and check your emails, go to Facebook if you want but all that will be limited to 5 minutes, and then repeat

You will realize by applying the pomodoro technique that you increase productivity. You can do a lot more work in less time. For example, some people work days which lasted nearly 8 to 10 hours have today almost been divided by two since when they work, they are very focused.

Remember, when people say that a person is productive at work, you may immediately think of a person who is super busy all the time. If you want to increase productivity, you may think to do like him but don’t. This person is constantly switching through tasks, working on different things, and rescheduling deadlines. You can increase productivity without being busy all the time.
Increasing Productivity is making the most to create lasting habits of achievement of working hard. Working smartly and focusing on one task increase productivity.